When you use our site, your browser and our server send "cookies" back and forth.

The correct functioning of our site does not depend on these cookies. So you may disable cookies or delete your Picky Ricky cookies at any time.

Well, why do we use cookies at all then?

They are used for 2 reasons:

  1. to track all the pages you visited on our site so that we can present you with your history of searches, products and stores My History.
  2. We would like to know which links and pages you were NOT interested in visiting so that we can try to improve our product and store selection.

What cookies do not tell us...

Cookies will not tell us your name, address, phone number or allow us to pick you out on the street. They also do not tell us what other sites you visit.

Your IP address does tell us which city you are in.

When you connect to the Internet, your Internet provider gives you an IP address. When you surf the net, your computer has no choice but to give out your IP address so that web sites know who to send the web page that was requested back to. With your IP address, there are databases that can tell us the approximate city you are located in. Those same databases can also tell us who your Internet provider is.

Our partners use of technology

When you click on a link from Picky Ricky to go to a store, our retail partners and their advertising agencies, use cookies.

  • Each store will have it's own privacy policy and you are enouraged to understand their use of technology.
  • The advertising agencies use cookies to track your activity everytime you see an ad hosted by them or when you click on a link taking you to their client's store. So the advertising agencies know which web sites send their clients potential customers. In other words, or rather more importantly, the advertising agencies know which web sites YOU have visited if you see any ad put up by the advertising agency or click on any link taking you to a store. You are encouraged to understand advertising agencies' use of technology.

Commission Junction is such an advertising agency. They are owned by a publicly traded company called Valueclick that is worth about $1.1 billion. You can find out more about how Commission Junction uses the information that Picky Ricky referred you, via a link, to the online store of their clients.

As you can see, there isn't much information that Picky Ricky collects from you and what information we do collect, does not personally identify you.