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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update I haven't blogged much lately because there was not too much admin to learn, implement and document. Rather much of it was implementation/documentation inside of scripts and version control. After the last post "SSH Keys with Capistrano", I started putting all my admin steps into a rake file. I took a quick detour into Nagios,which has two key dependencies: setting up mail and network dependency for alerts, and I decided to postpone that till the site was up.

As I put all my configuration into version control, I was reminded of the power of symlinks to point to old/new versions of resources as well as pointing to the location of the aforementioned configuration files.

Then I started testing the entire stack end to end to make sure the deployment worked and as I begrudgingly wrote test cases, bugs emerged. This led to further configuration refinement. Finally, I was enough done with configuration and went back to coding around March 1. There was some HTTP and UTF-8 learning to do.

Started putting together views, which led me down HTML, CSS, Javascript and REST. Discovered a major Firebug bug which I think renders it annoying enough to be useless. Rails continues to impress me, as does Ruby. It would be nice if the scaffold method still worked but the scaffold generator is decent. Still aiming for May 1 launch.

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