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Monday, January 12, 2009

AMI Bundling I created a bundle to basically save my admin work since it gets lost when an instance is terminated. It was a good practice experience as well.
  1. added keepcache=1 to /etc/yum.conf to cache rpm packages
  2. yum update
  3. Follow instructions from to install postgresql
  4. Follow instructions from Rails Deployment with Passenger to install Apache, Passenger, Gems
  5. installed s3sync
  6. s3synced /var/cache/yum/update-newkeys/packages to S3
  7. shutdown -r now
  8. bundle volume (all you need)
    1. you will get an error that the 2.6.21 kernel doesn't support rsync lutimes. need to wait for .22
    2. you will get an error that meta-data product codes could not be found, which i had already noted on previous occasions
  9. upload image to S3
  10. ec2-register picky-ricky/image.manifest.xml
    IMAGE ami-d6b354bf
  11. ec2dim -o self
    IMAGE ami-d6b354bf picky-ricky/image.manifest.xml 122430389923 available private i386 machine aki-a71cf9ce ari-a51cf9cc

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