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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half a Year I should be blogging everyday but it is too depressing to review all the nitty gritty going ons. I thought I would have more high level updates everyday but that is not the case. I'll touch on that in a moment.

This Friday will be my 6 month anniversary from leaving work. It's rather frightening because I don't feel I have much to show in terms of a working product. As such, here is a rundown of what I have learned and perhaps it is not an unreasonable accmplishment for 6 months.
  1. learned basic Ruby. still not comfortable with metaprogramming and advanced expressions/syntax/method signatures
  2. learned Rails ActiveRecord and ActionController
  3. built and tested phrase and session concepts
  4. learned about fixed income investing
  5. was away for a month and a half
So in 4 months I accomplished 1-4, which doesn't seem too bad but not too good either. I have 6 months left before I move so I really need to execute faster.

Next milestones are
  1. products
    1. imports
    2. search quality (categorization)
    3. image
  2. users (referrers and stores)
  3. reporting
    1. logging bot traffic
    2. importing sales data
  4. performance/caching
  6. monitoring
  7. i18n
  8. hosting/deployment
Ahhhh!!! Help!!!!!!!!!

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