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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Subversion Installed Subversive, then needed to install a SVN Connector. I first tried JavaHL but that required some binary which I was not inclined to build. So I installed SVNkit. In hindsight, I might give subclipse a try next time despite the fact that Subversive is officially endorsed.
  1. create repo using svnadmin create /home/user/repos
  2. initial import svn import sourcepath file:///destinationpathinrepo -m "initial import"
  3. initial checkout using eclipse. note that the repo window shows path and root/path.
  4. thinking that there might be duplicates, because prior to step 2 i did a lot of initial import testing via eclipse, i committed a few changes. then when i retried step 3, both path and root/path were showing the same revision number.
  5. when making the first commit per eclipse session, subversive wants you to provide authentication to some gobbledy gook string or the remote location and won't commit unless you choose one of them. choosing either one is fine, i just didn't provide a user name or password and it seemed to commit fine.
i looked into dumping a repository and that is fine if you want to keep the change history. Since I have no real history that I want to keep because everything is so buggy, it makes more sense to do an initial import of a complete zip from my old laptop.

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