Richard's Diary

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Input Sources I read a little of Capistrano to get a feel of what deployment was like. It seems like one can define rake tasks to do shell operations. Summary of input resources:
  1. I am now able to run SOAP with Rails after requiring soap4r early on in environment.rb. That placed the library higher in the chain of load paths. Instead of at the end of the gem chain, it is now ahead of all the other gems.
  2. I experimented a little with FasterCSV and it seems to be easy to use
  3. I experimented a little with REXML and it seems to be easy to use
I need to decide where to host feeds. I should have a directory per partner for security. Further subdirectories should not be necessary to avoid name conflicts.There just needs to be 1 backup of such a directory.

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